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The Charm Of Pastels

Even the most basic search of Pinterest and Instagram design boards and handles of today will enlighten you about the spectrum of colours that has move to the pastel side of the shade card. From the soft pinks to the enamoring teals, pastels are all the rage of today, particularly when it comes to interior design. Pastels are light on the eyes and do not overpower the setting. They bring in the much needed dreamy vibe to everything. There is a certain charm to them, which when implemented in an optimal way can work wonders in any home.

Mind you though because there is a subtle difference after all between the ‘pista’ hue of the older homes and the ‘mint’ tint; which an untrained eye can easily mess up with. So, while it can be tricky to visualize and implement the pastels, especially in the everyday Indian household where we are used to the dramatic, loud tones, this is where a good designer can come to your aid.

An overtly strong presence of pastels can quickly make it all look like a candy shop from the cartoons of our TV screen. So the middle ground would be to colour one wall and make it the highlight. The rest of the walls then can be white to form the perfect canvas in this case. Pastels pair aptly with the minimalist aesthetic and coupled with the right kind of lighting can form the modern age home which works on functionality as well as has a its own bespoke personality.

If you aren’t on the pastel bandwagon because they are too subtle for your taste, may be start small. If you cannot fathom the amount, a good way could be to begin with the décor. Bring in artistic abstract paintings done in pastels or you could also paint your potted planters in those shades. On a smaller scale ceramic items are the perfect way to bring in the pastels, as they as a material themselves work wonderfully in this overall scheme.

The great part is that pastels work with just about everything. They are highly versatile and find a way from dark woods and black accents to the light woods and gleaming whites. When paired with the more glossy brass gold accents and darker velvets they immediately can bring in the opulent vibe, whereas with the matte fixtures and leathers they set the mood for a more utilitarian Scandinavian vibe.

The corals, the mints, the plush blues, pastels have brought in a whole scheme of colours that had so far evaded us. Pastels not only capture well on camera and work in the digital world of today but they also have an understated charm to them, for the real world, calming the inhabitant and creating a sense of lull.

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